This covers a broad sector in the workplace including to name but a few traditional factory canteens, office establishments, call centres and executive dining facilities.

The subsidised catering offer is becoming more of a thing of the past with clients demanding nil cost and in some cases commission based solutions.

Catering services can vary from the traditional breakfast and lunch offer through to grab and go supported with a branded coffee offer, whilst also providing vending solutions and meeting hospitality requirements.

With lunchtime breaks shortening and more employees eating at their desks the grab & go offer has become more prominent in the staff restaurant facility. There is no one size fits all with customer requirements dependent on their job role.

The big difference between the high street offers and staff restaurants is the flexibility requirement and need for regular changes within the staff facility; the customers are the same each day so the offer needs to reflect this with regular changes and flexibility to ensure customer interest is maintained and reduce menu fatigue. Failure to do so will result in loosing customers to the high street.

The high street offers are becoming more apparent within the workplace with brands such as Costa and Starbucks becoming more the norm. Contractors need to compete by offering meal deals, loyalty cards and branded solutions.

With more focus on health the staff restaurant needs to ensure healthy offers are always available through salad bars, healthier snacking options and low fat cooking methods.