Setting-up a Designated Staff Food Area

Key Considerations

Employees are working longer hours and therefore expect to be well catered for. To ensure continued satisfaction, welfare and productivity employer investment in workplace benefits such as coffee stations, retail facilities, staff restaurants and gyms are increasingly required.

For a business that has never invested in a designated eating area however, this can be a daunting prospect. How do you set up and what are the true costs? How do you manage things on an ongoing basis? Who should you use to help?

Below, we cover off some of the things to consider if you are implementing a staff restaurant for the first time.

Supporting working culture

Employee benefits have always been an effective way to reward existing employees and attract new ones. Recently the shift has moved from pay and bonus schemes to other benefits such as reward vouchers scheme and health packages with a focus on healthier lifestyles. So, having a well thought out, enjoyable staff restaurant or coffee area aligns you with this change. Make sure you communicate what’s on offer for staff and the role you want the area to play in their day.

Providing the right environment

Making employees feel valued means they are more likely to put their investment back into the business. Providing a welcoming, communal space encourages communication by bringing different parts of the business together. Designed correctly, employees will use spaces to discuss business solutions during and ahead of normal work hours. Ensuring the right type of physical environment is developed; a balance of comfort and functionality is therefore key.

Knowing your customer

By encouraging staff to stay on-site during their working day generates an increase in footfall and profit for you. This means staff restaurant costs become investments as you create new revenue streams on-site. However, as your customers, you must understand what it is they really want. So, for the best results, it’s important to offer things normally found on the high-street such as well-known, brands, loyalty schemes and effective marketing.

Choosing the right partner

With the many styles of catering available it’s important to develop the offer that fits the particular workplace. Warehouses and factories often require a more scheduled quick service compared to offices where the coffee shop offer may be more suitable. Ensure the supplier you choose genuinely understands your business, shift-patterns, the workforce and what they really need. Doing so, will not only result in the best solution but also help you define the ongoing commercials and management processes that really suit your business.

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