recycle3It is easy in our everyday lives not to give much thought to the environment yet we are all playing a part in degrading it.

The aim of our environmental policy is to help protect the environment throughout our estate by ensuring our actions are carried out in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We focus our efforts on the key issues in our business and ensure our teams are aware of their actions by incorporating a training module around Environmental Responsibilities and Green Essentials.

Some examples of our actions are;

  • We use a balance of national and local suppliers to help reduce our delivery miles.
  • Through our work with suppliers, we support initiatives such as Fair Trade, LEAF and Red Tractor.
  • We are working towards all our disposables being manufactured in the UK.
  • All our cooking oil is collected by our nominated collection service for recycling into biodiesel.
  • Our sales of Life Water have funded many fresh water wells in underdeveloped countries.
  • We work in partnership with our clients to support recycling opportunities, for further guidance on becoming more environmentally friendly, click here.
  • All our company cars are diesel with our senior management team located throughout the country helping to reduce business miles.
  • Minimising waste through analysis of our EPOS data, production and waste control sheets.

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