We are committed to producing our food on site using fresh seasonal ingredients.

With customer satisfaction at the heart of our philosophy, our focus is on providing healthy balanced seasonal menus throughout the day using nutritious quality ingredients.

Our Development Director works first hand with suppliers, who are selected initially on quality of product and service supported by a competitive pricing structure.

Working in close partnership with both national and local suppliers, the right products can be sourced whether it is for our own brands or an individual client.

Our senior management team has extensive experience and are therefore encouraged to search for new ideas. Food and menu development are key factors to ensuring Caterleisure Group remains a market leader. With a passion for good food, our approach keeps us in tune with clients and customers changing tastes.

We remain flexible in our approach to purchasing as contracts differ and priorities change. In many of our units we very successfully use national suppliers alongside local, bringing locally sourced produce to our menus.

Close working partnerships with established national suppliers, creates a pro-active approach to both product development and corporate, social and environmental policies, supporting initiatives such as Fair Trade, Red Tractor and LEAF.

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