At Caterservice Limited we do not believe that people will pay ‘more for the same’. However we do acknowledge that customers will pay more for something different, hence our specific food at work programme.

The vast majority of our customers in the workplace now fall into 2 main categories, the ‘Grazers’ and the ‘Healthy Eaters’ and by providing an offer that meets with their needs there is a greater opportunity of maximizing the uptake.

‘Grazers’ – those who snack throughout the day –‘food on the hoof’ as it has become known. We offer a range of snack products which meet the needs of this type of customer. Foods such as hot panini, salad boxes, grazing pots and grab & go choices are the usual favourites.

Snacking has now become part of customers’ regular routine with reports suggesting that 97% of adults snack, with the majority doing so once a day. This shift toward snacking means as caterers we have more to think about than just breakfast and lunch with the age of the sit down meal being shaken with increased snacking.

‘Healthy Eaters’ – the people who want less fats, salts and sugars. This also includes those people who may be weight conscious. For these customers we have publicity around healthy food at work, offer undressed salad choices, sandwiches without spread, fresh fruit and fruit pots daily.

From experience we have found that a good selection on the core menu in the workplace, developed by senior management and supported with the appropriate recipes, ensures that we consistently deliver a popular choice to high standards when it comes to food at work