Life Water

Life Water is an ethical bottled water company. Every aspect of Life Water sets out to make a positive difference to the world we live in and the unique life water promise means that every bottle sold funds the delivery of at least 1000 litres of clean drinking water to a community in need.

Life Water is committed to sourcing and bottling water close to consumers in factories with strong green credentials. In Life Water’s UK factory, water is bottled at source using state of the art facilities powered entirely by renewable energy generated by on-site wind turbines and solar panels. Additionally, the natural spring source comes from beneath certified Organic Land, we are 100% carbon neutral and recyclable and with a promise of never exporting outside of the UK.

Life Water works with partner charity drop4drop to deliver clean drinking water to communities in need.

Life Water and drop4drop are transforming the way businesses and charities can work together. Their 9 year partnership has allowed them to generate an extremely efficient and transparent system that ultimately delivers sustainable clean drinking water solutions to the communities that need it most.


The concept is simple. You drink, they drink. Through their purchases of Life Water, Caterleisure have funded 12 clean drinking water projects in India and Africa! This means that Caterleisure will be giving clean drinking water to over 15,000 people!  The latest project to be completed was for the people of Zakeyo, Mzimba, Malawi.

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Drop4drop works directly with in-country partners who help identify communities without access to clean drinking water. Cutting out the middle man and working directly with in-country partners means that drop4drop can be in constant contact with the communities they help and ensure their projects are accountable and efficient.


When a community in need has been identified, drop4drop conducts a detailed survey of the community and their existing water source. Once drop4drop has identified a community in need, local geologists and workforces are hired and an underground geological survey is completed, followed by the drilling and building of the bore well. By doing this the projects also bring an economic benefit to the communities and the surrounding area.

In preparation for the new bore well, communities are given health and hygiene training and soap is distributed. This ensures that communities know how to prevent their water from becoming contaminated as well as helping to reduce the spread of disease.

Giving communities close system bore wells in their village not only ensures their water is safe to drink, but also frees up hours of time normally lost to collecting water; increasing time for work and therefore increasing productivity.

The drop4drop team make yearly visits to all projects to monitor and evaluate the bore wells. This ensures the long lasting and sustainable impact of every drop4drop project.