Caterleisure completes another refurbishment

The latest refurbishment to take place is Lancaster Railway Station, at our popular Caféxpresshop on
Platform 3.

The unit has seen an overwhelming transformation, with a £100,000 investment along with a grant of £20,000 from the Railway Heritage Trust. The unit is now able to offer a wider selection of products with the instalment of new dedicated food and drink fridges, travel essentials and a greater range of news, magazines, confectionery and snacks. With an extended range of bakery products such as Danish pastries, muffins and traybakes, we hope to entice those customers with a sweet tooth!

Passenger figures at Lancaster are increasing year on year, so we are sure these improvements will be welcomed by our regular customers and hopefully lots of new ones.

Caterleisure Group’s brand portfolio continues to develop, with further new sites and refurbishments due in 2017.

Caterleisure is always looking for further catering opportunities within the travel, leisure and business & industry and welcomes all enquiries. Visit and use our Contact Us page to get in touch.