As client and customer demands get tougher, as business and industry caterers we also find ourselves competing and being compared to high street food market offers.

Business & Industry catering is experiencing a drop in numbers as more and more employees and companies are offering their employees the flexibility to work from home and are encouraging part time working which reduces the need for lunch eaten at work.

Our aim is to keep footfall levels reasonable by mirroring some of the high street offers in the workplace through the use of meal deals, loyalty cards, BOGOF offers and introducing new food concepts and trends that are evident externally.

Only by keeping up to speed with trends, consumer changing tastes and lifestyles can we aim to keep employees in the workplace and away from the high street for their meal and beverage breaks.

Our customers are extremely price sensitive when within the confines of their workplace yet when outside they will think nothing of paying up to 50% more for the same or similar branded product.

Brands play a huge part in the life of many of our consumers and these brand are becoming more evident in the workplace where caterers are partnering the likes of Costa, Starbucks etc. Such brands help generate a margin to offset the clients demands for subsidy reductions and often nil cost operations.