Caterleisure Group celebrates 40th anniversary

On Saturday 12th November Caterleisure Group celebrated its 40th anniversary.

1976… it is a long time ago, but it was the year that Caterleisure Limited first formed and set-up its business in Wilsden, West Yorkshire and 40 years later we are still there! The business may have changed along the way with more companies added, but we are very proud to still be running as a family owned business!

A lot can happen in 40 years and the world has also seen a lot of developments… internet, mobile phones, the average house price was just £12,704, a gallon of petrol cost only 76p and the UK yearly inflation rate was 16.5%.  We also had the worst drought on record, forcing the use of standpipes in many towns and cities.

We have a lot in the pipeline planned for our 40th birthday anniversary, including anniversary marketing in our unit windows and new uniforms and commemorative pin badges for staff.  We will also be launching with an offer on our till receipts when purchasing sandwiches and hot drinks.  During 2017 we will be introducing new menu items reflecting “tastes of the 70’s”.

Christine Thorpe (Managing Director), who has been with us since the early 1980s, when reflecting on this milestone commented:

“We could never have remained in business for so long or achieved the success we have without our customers and amazing staff that make up the extended Caterleisure family.  We would also like to thank our clients, many of whom have supported us for over twenty years, as well as our suppliers and franchisors.  Thank you and here’s to another 40 years.”