12th Well Now Complete

The concept is simple. You drink, they drink. Through their purchases of Life Water, Caterleisure have now funded their 12th clean drinking water project! This means that Caterleisure will be giving clean drinking water to over 15,000 people in India and Africa!

The latest project to be completed was for the people of Zakeyo, Mzimba, Malawi.

The people of Zakeyo had to walk to a bore hole 1km away to get water, however, they were often denied access to it. The community are now extremely happy as they have their own pump and do not have to collect water from an unreliable source.

As well as the pump itself, the community were supplied seeds and irrigation pumps to plant trees and restore their local ecosystem. Drop4Drop’s mission in Malawi is not only to provide local communities with specialised water wells and pumps but provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to maintain and use the equipment themselves.

Through Caterleisure’s clean water projects across India and Africa, over 15,000 people have access to a sustainable source of clean drinking water, which is incredible!

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Drop4Drop pledges to donate 1000 litres of clean water to a developing community for every bottle of Life Water sold.