10th Well Now Complete

The concept is simple. You drink, they drink. Through their purchases of Life Water, Caterleisure have now funded their 10th clean drinking water project! This means that Caterleisure will be giving clean drinking water to over 15,000 people in India and Africa!  The latest project to be completed was for the Sitala Para community in West Bengal, India.

Residents in Sitala Para often had to walk 1.2km each way to collect water from neighbouring villages, who themselves suffer from frequent water shortages. As women and children bear the burden of water collection, installing this project in the centre of the community not only improves health, but time is freed up to focus on improving education and household income. Communities who live in rural parts of West Bengal, such as Sitala Para, often struggle with accessing water due to the geographical dynamics of their communities, and the wider experience of water provision from within India as a whole. The maintenance training that drop4drop provides to community members will ensure optimum sustainability and longevity of their project – so that community members can benefit from clean water long after drop4drop have finished work.  

Through Caterleisure’s clean water projects across India and Africa, over 15,000 people have access to a sustainable source of clean drinking water, which is incredible!

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Drop4Drop pledges to donate 1000 litres of clean water to a developing community for every bottle of Life Water sold.